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Do you have animals constantly digging through your dumpsters? Raccoons and opossums leave a fifthly mess that not only makes your commercial property messy but also makes your customers feel uneasy. Worst of all, that skunk keeps spraying that awful stench! You need our professional help.

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Maximize your profits by always keeping your commercial business clean, fresh, and free of disease-carrying rodents! For over 30 years, our experienced exterminators have proudly offered pest control and animal removal services throughout San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire so you can keep your business flourishing. Your customers will always feel welcome, thanks to Essex Exterminating.

It's common for bees and wasps to build hives on your residential areas. Take advantage of a 18-month guarantee on our bee services so you and your children will never have to suffer from a painful sting. For your personal convenience, we always offer FREE pest inspections and phone quotes so you know exactly what types of services you need and how much they will cost.  

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