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Pests are no problem for us

Have you heard noises coming from your attic, in the walls or the trash area? It's always better to be safe than sorry! Hire the trained specialists of Essex Exterminating to comprehensively inspect your property for pests, animals, and bees — for FREE!

We care about you

Appreciate the highest standard of attention to detail for all of your personal needs. Our dedicated professionals will gladly do an inspection in hopes that you have no pests that pose a threat to you or your property!

Get rid of pests

Pest control

  - Ants

  - Roaches

  - Spiders

  - Crickets

  - Earwigs

  - Bees

  - Wasps

  - Yellowjackets

  - Etc.

Protect your investments

Take advantage of FREE pest inspections for  residential and commercial properties in the Inland Empire and surrounding areas. Appreciate prompt service from our professionals with over 30 years of experience.


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Call 909-483-0737 to get FREE inspections.

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Animal removal

  - Rats

  - Mice

  - Raccoons

  - Possums

  - Skunks

  - Etc.

Rat looting foods at the kitchen